Chris Dennis:

                      BETWEEN WORLDS


  Director   James O'Connor

  Writers     James O'Connor/Anthony Fung    

  Editor      James O'Connor

       The Art of Storytelling 

  Producer   Miranda O'Connor



 The dress


  Director   Julianne Neal

  Writer      Ruth Coughlin

  Actors      Ashley Lovell/Paula Rossman

  Editor.     Julianne Neal

  Produced by The Manhattan Film Institute 


  Presented by JA Media Connections 




  Director     Julianne Neal

  Editors       FCHS Student Teams 

  Executive Producer   JA Media Connections LLC 

  Supported by The Marley Project, Inc.

          and Nature's View


Presented by The EQUUS Film Festival

and JA Media Connections LLC


 The edge: Bruce anderson -

                    natural humanship


  Directors   James O'Connor/Dylan Quesnel

  Writers      James O'Connor/Dylan Quesnel

  Editors      James O'Connor/Dylan Quesnel

       The Art of Storytelling 

  Producer   Julianne Neal 

  Presented by The Marley Project, Inc. and Nature's View