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Take two young women with a passion for horses, both looking for a grand adventure, add four American Mustangs and a curious wild-born molly Mulestang, and you have the ingredients for the “Mustang Discovery Ride.” Riders, Hannah Catalino and Lisanne Fear, will cover 12 states in 12 months on the American Discovery Trail. This promo provides a preview of the upcoming documentary, produced by JA Media Productions, covering the ride, the trail and all of the adventures along the way. To find out more or to support the documentary, contact Julianne at

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​January 2022

Julianne will be on-site to participate in a Q&A about the Mustang Discovery Ride Documentary during the VIP Screening of The Mustangs at the Palace Theatre in Gallatin, Tennessee.

Bruce's work with Natural HumanshipTM will be featured in the online symposium, The Art of the Horseman during the month of January.

Bruce and Julianne will attend the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo in Denver, Colorado in February. Bruce will be presenting demos and Q&A sessions while Julianne covers the event for the Whinny Tales podcast.