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Exciting news, everyone! Whinny Tales: horse stories, pony legends and unicorn yarns was a winner at the 2022 American Horse Publications back in the saddle Awards Program in the freelance equine podcast division! Congratulations Bruce Anderson and Nature's View for this recognition ~ well deserved and just the beginning of wonderful things to come!



There are a number of media projects in production, including The Mustang Discovery Ride Documentary/Docuseries Project, Ansel's Journey and Bruce Anderson's Natural HumanshipTM Series. 

Take a young woman with a passion for horses looking for a grand adventure, add American Mustangs and a host of guest riders and you have the ingredients for The Mustang Discovery Ride. This documentary project is the story of a journey across the United States on the American Discovery Trail (ADT) featuring Mustang TIP trainer, Lisanne Fear, along with her Mustangs, dogs and support team. JA Media Productions is covering the ride, the trail and the adventures along the way through the podcast, the Docuseries and the Documentary.

Ansel's Journey is the story of young Ansel Bunch and his journey into therapeutic riding programs through Carolinas Therapeutic Riding. Ansel started riding at the age of 3 and his experience on horseback has enhanced his developmental progress and played a pivotal role in his ability to walk.

Bruce Anderson's Natural HumanshipTM is the topic of ongoing film projects featured through the EQUUS Film and Arts Fest and EQUUS Television Network. Our partnership with The Art of Storytelling started with The Edge: Bruce Anderson-Natural Humanship Documentary, the catalyst for the success of the program. 



Welcome to the site. I'm always updating things here with fresh, new pics from my latest shoots. Links to our latest podcast episodes and more...Stop by often! Current projects include the Mustang Discovery ride documentary/docuseries, bruce anderson's natural humanshipTM​and Ansel's journey. stay tuned and sign up here for updates! 

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