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Nature's View, Inc.

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 “The Edge: Bruce Anderson - Natural Humanship” film trailer was presented the Prix de Finalist Award in the category of Social Responsibility during the Deauville Green Awards, held in France in June, 2016. The film trailer ...details the work of Bruce Anderson, native of Trinidad and Tobago and current resident of Camden, South Carolina. Anderson is the founder of Nature’s View, a unique system of equine learning that he calls “natural humanship,” and is one of the founders of The Marley Project, Inc. (TMP), a 501(c)(3) dedicated to equine education. Anderson and Julianne Neal, Executive Director of TMP, presented the film and introduced the work during the international festival""

Press release, American Horse Publications 
July 2016

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The Dress
"The opportunity to work with The Edge is so cosmically appropriate. With a breed gone over the edge to extinction, with cells poised to bring them back, and in a physical location that’s right on the edge of a huge continental shelf, what could be more felicitous?"

- Milanne "Mimi" Rehor
"This movie was made possible because of each of these beautiful people who sweated along with us in the Brecknock attic  :) (along with the whole amazing MFI faculty & staff)"
                                                                                                                   Actor Ashley Lovell

" Dear God, thank you for the incredible gift of working on "The Dress" - the first of three films I was in last month - brought into my life. The people I was blessed to work with made the entire experience a delight. I am grateful for the opportunity all of the films provided each of us - and whether I was acting or working as a member of the crew...felt the Love and Light and Passion of doing what we all loved, together!"
                                                                                                                 Actor Paula Rossman

"Quite simply, you are so good at what you do,  I don't have to worry. I don't have to stress,  so that allows me the time to regenerate. We each have our own unique forte. We have become two parts of a whole~ we couldn't do this work without each other"
– Bruce Anderson
July Article, MidSouth Horse Review Magazine
Wild Horses of Abaco